Topics of the 15th CADS Congress

  1. Joint session with CroERAS society, CroMA: ERAS in digestive medicine
  2. Joint session with the Croatian Society for Endoscopic Surgery, CroMA: minimally invasive colorectal surgery 
  3. Joint session with the Croatian Gastroenterology Society: (subsequent)
  4. Proctology and pelvic floor diseases
  5. Intra-abdominal infections and surgical wound infections in abdominal surgery
  6. Round table: The future of robotic surgery in Croatia
  7. Round table: Should we improve the specialization curriculum in abdominal surgery?
  8. Free topics

Topics of the 4th ANDTS Congress

  1. Nursing care in digestive medicine
    • bariatric surgery
    • colorectal surgery
    • prevention and screening in digestive medicine
    • surgical wound infections – prevention and control
  2. ERAS protocol
    • nutrition in special conditions
    • SWOT analysis of the introduction of the ERAS protocol
    • MDT – reality or desire?
  3. Management of peristomal skin complications
    • fistula and high output stoma
    • peristomal dermatitis
    • skin tears
    • adolescents with a stomas – experiences and prejudices
    • psychosocial approach to persons with stomas
  4. Continuity of health care for the surgical patients
    • nurse for planned discharge – challenges?
    • palliative care
    • patient-centered care (PCC)
    • news in the approach to the patient after hospital discharge
  5. Application of science in nursing practice
    • presentation of scientific and professional nursing works in the field of digestive surgery
    • popularization of science in nursing
  6. Workshop: Self care in nursing
    • we take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others
  7. Panel discussion: „be better do better“ – strengthening enterostomal therapy in the Republic of Croatia
  8. Free topics
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